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The Annual Workshop on Trace Explosives Detection is a yearly scientific meeting designed to provide an informal forum for the interchange of information on topics covering basic and applied research for trace explosives detection. The organizing committee strives to have a balance of topic areas each year to appeal to the broad range of interests within our community. The technical program is focused on developing a deeper understanding of the fundamental science that underpins optimized trace explosive detection. Events, such as invited tutorials, open discussion sessions and poster presentations, are an essential part of the meeting. The Workshop will offer a series of invited tutorials covering the fundamentals and instrumentation used in trace detection.  Possible follow-on sessions may include:

 Ion Chemistry
 Chemical Investigations of HME’s
  Trace Explosives Sampling/Collection
  Colorimetric Chemistry
 Non-Conventional Trace Detection
 Microsensor/Materials/Polymer Coating
 Stand-Off/Remote Detection Technologies
 Viewpoints/Needs from End Users
 Trace Standards
 Historical Development of Trace Detection
 Fundamentals of Trace Detection
 Contact Sampling
 Non-contact Sampling
 Instrumentation/Instrumental Developments
 Novel Concepts for Trace Detection
 Orthogonal Detection Methods
 Trace Residue Signatures

For assistance, please contact:

Karen Bair 410-451-0002
  • To participate, please complete the application form at the link above.
  • When approved for participation, return here to register and pay.
  • Exhibitors please read the information at the Exhibitor link above.
  Annual Workshop Contacts

Scientific/Technical Program Chairs
David Atkinson
     Greg Gillen
     Richard Lareau
     Stefan Lukow

Conference Coordinator

Karen Bair

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